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Pele's passing

George Santos admits he lied

A high school principal lies. What happens next?

Zelensky's speech to Congress

Happy holidays

Crimes against the nation

Will a woman ever win the Heisman Trophy?

Looking back on 2022

Alex Jones must pay

Trump's dinner guest

The price of gas

From sea to shining sea

Who might serve in a Trump 2.0 administration

The Trump-McCarthy relationship

Will Trump ever testify?

The GOP tsunami was barely a red tide

Check your cell phone bill

I've got election questions

Time to vote

Violence begets violence

Protecting members of Congress

Donald Junior's tweet

Trump is soulless

Stop bashing Newsom

Yummy Dogs coming to Laguna

Vote, vote, vote

More about 'Trumptober'

"The Trump Tapes" audiobook

Will Trump testify?

All roads lead back to Trump

"Ukraine Shall Overcome" part II

Once again, crickets

OC's new art museum

Convene a gas summit now

A death wish?

High gas prices ... again

Too much water in Florida; not enough in Calif.

The color of Trump

Vote this November

I'm fed up with these men

Today's clown cars are buses and planes

He didn't like my letter ... Part II

Remembering 9/11

He didn't like my letter

1 picture's worth 1,000 words

Who will be Trump's special master?

Save Democracy. Period.

Modern-day versions of Pinocchio

Heartbreak and heartthrobs

Water polo stars, talk of a civil war, and Weisselberg's enabler

Trump's body count

America needs Trump now more than ever

A distinction with a difference

Wow, what a week

Big Oil's $58B Profit

Baseball not politics

House GOP claims the DOJ investigation of Trump is a "nothingburger"

Chilling results from a new poll

15 steps on the road to Jan. 6

Biden tests positive for COVID

GOP primary losers claim rigged elections. Sound familiar?

Time to subpoena Pence and Trump?

If Jim Jordan testified

It happened again

Heartbreak in Highland Park

New abortion bans gone wrong

Win two tacos on me

Thanks New York Times

About leaks in D.C.

Attention women: Vote, vote, vote this November

A date which will live in infamy

Just say the election was corrupt

Texas on my mind

Are you watching the Jan. 6 hearings?

Drop the price of gas at the pump now

Happy Father's Day

Becoming a grandpa

Having Liz Cheney's back

It's Flag Day

Watching today's Jan. 6 hearing

Democracy is under attack

School shooting training exercises

Nixon's Watergate vs. Trump's Coup

Democracy in action tonight

Guns and the Senate

Where is it safe now?

Peter Navarro arrested

Two letters

Look who's mentioned in George Skelton's recent column

Mr. President, it's time to convene a gun summit at Camp David

Republicans had abortions back in the '60s

How to cut the cost of gas at the pump

"What's past is prologue"

Two topics

Has it really been 50 years?

More about the abortion debate

50 years ago this evening

Speaker Pelosi's trip to Ukraine

GOP war on women

No exceptions for rape or incest

Memo to GOP: Stay out of my bedroom and uterus

Biden's bow tie fiasco

"Pro-life" lawmakers and condoms

Trump in contempt of court

McCarthy denied saying he would urge Trump to resign. Oops.

Attention Sir Paul

Open letter to Joan Baez

Former Laguna resident Peter Navarro in the spotlight

Laguna raises $100K for Ukrainian relief

Remember April 7, 2022

Sir Paul and "Ukraine Shall Overcome"

Will grocery workers strike at Ralphs and Pavilions?

History often rhymes

Will Putin attack U.S.?

Marjorie Taylor Greene's gaffes

Remembering Arnold Hano

Ban Russian Vodka or Caviar?

Biden bans Russian oil and gas imports

Cost of gas in 2012 vs now

New version of "We Shall Overcome"

It only takes 4 words

Laguna Stands With Ukraine

Standing in front of advancing tanks

Stop attacking Biden, supporting Putin

The guns will come out tomorrow

More anti-semitic fliers in OC

The 2022 Profile in Courage award

OC's connection to Nixon and Trump

GOP's Jan. 6 split

Friday two-fer

California's mask mandate expires Feb. 16

My Super Bowl prediction

The RNC votes to censure GOP Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger

Memo to GOP: Are you for Trump or the Constitution?

Biden's nominee for the Supreme Court

Are we over COVID yet?

Trump will pardon insurrectionists

If, or when, the GOAT retires

Grocery stores vs. the mask mandate


Anti-semitic flyers in 6 states

Newt. Jail time. Really?

Poor Rudy Giuliani

Trump's Tale of Two Cities

Year 3 of COVID

The passing of Jeff Sears

Oath Keepers and sedition

About Sens. Manchin and Sinema

Looking back on Jan. 6

Beginning the 3rd year of COVID

Raiders vs. Chargers

Six years ago today

The one and only Liz Cheney

First anniversary of Jan. 6

My note to Zoe Lofgren

As Jan. 6 approaches

RIP Betty White