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Wear a damn mask

Christmas Day Letter

2 more Xmas eve letters

Music inspires

Death threats

Minnesota candidates for gov. don't believe Biden won the 2020 election

Hey NFL ... Take a time out

California's new mask mandate

Looking back at 2021

Brian Williams signs off

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Kids killing kids

Rep. Boebert's hateful comments

Mater Dei's hazing scandal

Congressional Gold Medal

Charlottesville verdict

Ohtani named MVP

Will democracy survive?

Should SC ban fraternities?

Forget the underlings. Subpoena Trump and Pence.

Aaron Rodgers' explanation

House passes infrastructure bill

750,000 COVID deaths

My journey from Laguna to Wash., DC

Turning point for USC Greek life?

Billionaires' tax

Former NFL official reacts to Gruden emails

On my bucket list

Laguna votes to end offshore oil drilling

Environmental Code Red

Ports open 24/7

Crosby's 3 missed field goals

Word from the White House

Build prisons with COVID relief funds?

Art not politics

Jab or job?

Photo's worth 1,000 words

Sports and COVID

Please get vaccinated

After the recall

Seatbelt mandates vs. COVID vaccine mandates

Where was Donald Trump?

A second 9/11 letter

Remembering 9/11

America's reaction to 9/11 vs. COVID

Thanks for the shout out

Yearning for a simpler time

Sasse on "happy talk" about Afghanistan

More about Sturgis

Should Joe Biden resign?

Trump, FDA on same page

Gotta make my bed

2 perspectives about Afghanistan

Anti-maskers shout "We will find you"

Which memorial to build first?

About the unvaccinated

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

No vaccine for me

Thanks Alex Azar

Political fundraising via vaccines and the Star of David

Political double-talk

Troops will get vaccinated

Vaccinate the military, too

What really happened Jan. 6th

About Simone Biles

Flynn is dangerous

Tokyo's COVID news is not good

Yes, we need a water czar

Angels star donates $150,000

Trump variant

Vaccinate the military

Branson's space flight

Voting is a fundamental right

Sham alert

The Match needs a face lift

Gun violence is soaring

About UCLA's Terry Donahue

How many hot dogs did Joey eat?

Independence Day

About Rep. Zoe Lofgren -- Part II

Jan. 6 ... a day of rage

Only in America

Sorry, Rudy.

Celebrating an int'l day of music

Happy Father's Day

Two new letters

In case you missed this last Tues.

Senator Val Demings?

One year ago today

Watergate Revisited

Laguna celebrates the reopening of Calif.

June 15: Time to reemerge from COVID

Remembering Memorial Weekend 1965

On the same day in America

The Senate has opted out so the House must step up

Let's wear yellow on June 15

Bob Dylan turns 80 today

Franklin Graham, Donald Trump and COVID

About the Jan. 6 insurrection

Help OC reach COVID-19 herd immunity

Will there be gas shortages in Calif.?

Memo about Liz Cheney

Is the GOP helping or hurting us?

Calling on Donald Trump

About my friend Rep. Zoe Lofgren

Happy Mother's Day

It's wrong: women get paid 20% less

Should members of Congress get paid $60 an hour for part time work?

The sweet scent of democracy

Help achieve herd immunity

Kent State 1970

COVID update: Time for companies to roll up their sleeves

Everyday is Ocean Day

Is a Trump PSA in the works?

How George Floyd and Steve Jobs are connected

Chauvin received deserved sentence

Officer shoots 16-year-old girl 4 times. Why?

Laguna artist launches hand-painted shoes for young girls

Pavilions offers 10% off with proof of COVID shot

60,000 COVID deaths in Calif.

The war against COVID is not over

Calif. needs a Water Czar

About the 2021 Masters champ

Build Essential Workers Monument

You gotta love baseball

Thanks for mentioning me

Opening Day of baseball

The KKK is back in Orange County

Persuading reluctant Republicans

Six Pac-12 Women’s Basketball teams going to the 2021 NCAA Tournament

About the Sweet Sixteen

Spring Break or COVID outbreak?

Political extremism in O.C.

The killing of six Asian women

About your $1,400 stimulus check

Should COVID shots be mandatory?

Reflecting on a year of COVID

House passes COVID relief bill

Rep. Zoe Lofgren releases massive social media report on GOP colleagues who voted to overturn the election

Roses memorial for COVID-19 victims begs a larger question

Willie Mays was my all-time favorite

Good news about COVID shots

500,000 COVID deaths in perspective

Living at the beach

Looking for water on Mars vs. Texas

Presidential hot dogs

Sports and COVID don't mix

Remembering 9/11 and Sandy Hook

50th anniversary pieces

About Barack Obama

Kind, thoughtful POTUS

COVID thoughts ...

Random thoughts ...

Powerful display of talent

Barbara Diamond, 88, painted with words

One inch compared to 145 ft.

Does Georgia Rep Have a Friend in Steel?

What is REPOVID-21?

Who deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Readers react to D.C. riot

From Obama to Biden

A vaccine to prevent COVID and extremism

Relief and hope for our new administration

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