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4 thoughts this week

Make a Camp David gun summit a priority

Let's get serious about gun reform

Wilbur Mills, Larry Craig and Lauren Boebert

Turning 75

Navarro convicted

Uno Dos Tres

Bad day for Trump supporters

5 years ago today

700+ have signed the online petition. Have you?

A most interesting headline

Here's our message to President Biden

Join us. Sign the petition to end mass shootings.

Thinking about a Trump pardon

Two new letters

Trump's indictment today

2nd Camp David gun summit ad

Hello Monday

It wasn't an insurrection

Wishing her a speedy recovery

New Camp David gun summit strategy

About the '24 presidential hot dogs

More anti-semitic fliers

Same topic. Three different papers.

Today's GOP

Talking with Donald Trump

What the conservative National Review says about Trump's indictment

Trump indicted again

Mar-a-Lago "poolgate"

How do you define woke?

"Sleepy Joe" ... Not Really

Not all my letters get published

Does Biden suffer from dementia?

Governors who run for president

About my letters and blog posts

"Hunt Democrats with dogs"

About Trump's GOP opponents

Water polo in the bay

Trump's running mate will be ...

Durham's final report is a nothing burger

One bad idea. One good idea.

Remembering a friend

Trump's a loser

Prayers won't solve America's gun problem

Once legal. Not today.

Have you heard "Justice for All?"

Trump, Biden and King George

The art festivals are coming to Laguna soon

Help send Laguna artists to Italy this fall

Sad news about Harry Belafonte

About a fellow letter writer

What's the cost of knowingly broadcasting lies to the public? A cool $787.5 million that's what.

If Trump was a major league baseball player

If Sen. Feinstein resigns

Music is in the air

Yesterday's shooting in Louisville

The case/s against Trump

Meet my friend Greg Vail

My letter in today's Wash. Post

Stop the presses. Trump indicted.

Another tragic school shooting

Time for thoughtful deliberation

If Trump is indicted

Meet my friend Bill Hoffman

Kareem vs. Alex Jones

Appreciating art

Walking for Water

The (low) cost of deception

Planned or a coincidence?

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a divorce

What happens after the snow melts?

"House of the Rising Sun"

A workplace full of lies

Money speaks. Just ask Rupert Murdoch.

Taking a knee

Number of Russian deaths in Ukraine

2 letters

Hello from Kyiv

Fox News and Trump's Big Lie

Jimmy Carter opts for in-home hospice care

Three letters, three topics

Nikki Haley announces

Shouts of "Liar" and "It's your fault"

Breaking sports records

Shooting down China's spy balloon

One year after the invasion of Ukraine

Revisiting my plan to save Social Security

Look for more classified docs.

The power of Mother Nature (Part II)

The power of Mother Nature

More classified documents found

Kudos to Donald Trump

Missouri's new dress code for female lawmakers

The stink that is Santos

McCarthy's questions about Santos

Time for a deli hit

The Trump and Biden investigations

FAA grounds all domestic flights

Georgia repeats as nat'l champs. Beats TCU.

Time to expel George Santos

GOP Rage

3 different topics; 3 different publications

2nd anniversary of Jan. 6