I agree with what Rick Young says. It seems like there is no accountability for Trump and his minions.

I also have come to the conclusion that generally speaking, the public is literally afraid

to speak out against Trump. I have even heard intelligent people say that they are changing their party affiliation from “Democrat” to “ non- stated” out of fear of retaliation.

I think that as Robert Reich said this week, we have ( so far) a non- violent civil war on our hands.

And I for one, would feel much safer if the “ blue states” could peacefully break away from the red ones. That probably will not happen in our lifetime, but if Trump gets elected I think that people are going to start thinking about that more seriously. A Trump presidency would destroy our country.

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If they are speaking on behalf of 45, by direction of 45 (or presumably his campaign or staff), then they are doing so illegally. The gag order specifically states that 45 cannot request others to speak in specific ways in his stead.

If the link can be proven (emails, texts, phone conversations, etc.) then 45 is in violation of the gag order (again).

Will he be sent to jail this time if violation has occurred? Doubtful. After all, declaring one's candidacy for president is a criminal's best chance of avoiding accountability.

Should Johnson, Tuberville & Vance be prosecuted? Absolutely, if a link is proven. Will they be? Assuredly not.

But under any circumstances, they should be censured by their respective body of gov't - House or Senate. Will they be. Definitely not, since no one in the Republican Party seems to be held accountable these days.

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